Bohman Brothers

The trashcan table

The Bohman Brothers studio is an awesome place. Power tools, lots of lego, leather stuff and so, so many sharp things. And a beer fridge. Not to forget. Me and Linus noticed one important thing lacking early in the lifespan of the studio though. After a long and hard and productive day we wanted to eat something, and there it was. No table to eat at. Our desks were cluttered and it was just not that social to stare at the wall in front of us.

The solution? Trash can table (patent pending).

Trash can. (And sexy guy, me.)
Scrap wood, screws, scrap leather and scrap beer. Do not waste anything.
Make scrap slightly fancier.
Hard at work. What a stud (me!)
Refreshments. Sooo tiiired.
Oops. We fucked up. One of the screws came loose, so we had to make adjustments.